“It is rare to find a company that provides the craftsmanship and respect for your home that Ingrained by Nature does. In our experience, they did a better job of listening to our desires, and offered us better options than other wood flooring companies. As a result of their attention to detail and craftsmanship we have gorgeous floors! We highly recommend Ingrained by Nature.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Kuester, Tarrytown Neighborhood

“I would have a hard time recommending any other trade for wood floors. It’s unusual in house renovations when someone does a 100% perfect job on all accounts from service to timely completion to execution and follow-up. BJ’s team surpassed my expectations in all these areas. The work was done with care and perfection and we couldn’t have been happier with the final result.”

– Brandon Miller, Owner of the Brandon Miller Group

“BJ and his crew did a wonderful job on our project. We had old floors that had to be joined with the new and they did such a professional job matching them, you wouldn’t know where the old stops and the new starts. I highly recommend them.”

– Julie Rodgers, Owner of Birds Nest Bakery

“We just remodeled the kitchen in our home. We wanted to replace the saltillo tile in the kitchen, which is also throughout the house, with wood flooring. It was not easy for us to choose a wood with a more modern look that has the warmth to go with the tile. B.J. helped with this process and his very professional team came in and installed the flooring in two days. Flawless. My floors are the favorite part of my remodel and we will call B.J. again when we move on to our next project.”

– Charlene Crossan, West Lake Neighborhood

“We recently worked with BJ and his team for new wood floors as part of our extensive home remodel. They did a great job with the floors, and we get compliments all the time. We are not floor experts, so we appreciated BJ helping us select a product that we would not have found otherwise. He also helped us think through the layout of the floor relative to narrow hallways and door entries. Several months after they completed their work, an issue arose with the solid wood stair treads, which was not BJ’s or the installation team’s fault. He could have walked away; however, he and his team were very responsive and replaced the affected solid wood stair treads for us. The issue was unfortunate, but they addressed it quickly, made it easy for us, and diffused any larger concern on our part, which we greatly appreciated. Further, we appreciate BJ and his team’s professionalism and respect for our home – they were very organized with their work and tools, protected the floors, and cleaned up during the work and just before they left. BJ and his team did a great job for us, and we are happy to recommend them to others.”

– Mike and Kelsey Ahern

Our experience with Ingrained by Nature has been very rewarding.  Each day we wake up, walk through our home and marvel at how wonderful our floors look and how much warmth it brings to our home.
We took a long time to decide what we wanted.  We had carpet and vinyl that was worn and downright ugly.  We also had a couple of rooms that had 20+ year old wood floors that were in need of resurfacing. We engaged a designer to give us ideas about replacing our flooring.  This gave us a start on our journey, but real progress was made when we started working with BJ Brown and Ingrained By Nature.

From the beginning BJ was able to take our ideas and, in a collaborative fashion, we were soon making great progress and we were making sound decisions.  He explained the pros and cons of ideas so that we were able to come up to speed on design, material selection, and cost trade-offs.  This collaborative approach lasted the entire project as we had to make some minor decisions as the work progressed.
Once we had a firm idea of what we wanted, BJ delivered a detailed estimate of the work to be done; materials, costs, and schedule.  We used that estimate to collaboratively refine and add details so that we all shared the common vision of the project. Ingrained by Nature deals primarily with wood, but in some areas (laundry room, bathroom) we decided that tile would work better.  BJ was able to engage a craftsman to do the tile work and that was one less thing we needed to worry about.

Once the Ingrained by Nature crew showed up to start the work, BJ was there to walk everyone through the different phases of the project.  We were involved with this so that we were able to begin a relationship with the crew that would be working in our home over several weeks.

Watching the flooring crew was watching master craftsmen perform magic.  Their attention to details, quality and respect for our home was  amazing and very comforting.  The work ethic was exemplary: no shortcuts were made!  At the end of a long day, they would clean up and stage their equipment ready for the next day.  BJ stayed involved at all times; visiting the project daily to keep a watchful eye on progress, quality and to be involved with any last minute changes.

Not only are our new floors perfect, but the refinishing of our old, existing wood flooring looks exactly like our new flooring; they were able to match the wood and finish perfectly. The transition between the wood flooring, and the tile flooring is seamless with no “speed-bumps”.

We now live in what feels like a New Home, and we have BJ Brown and Ingrained by Nature to thank. We highly recommend Ingrained by Nature for your wood flooring needs.

– Katie & Stu Barrett